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Backdrop "Kotor / Bologna"

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Here you could place the CUSTOM order for Kotor/Bologna backdrop in case you didn’t find the desired size among the ready to ship pieces. The production of the custom size takes 2.5-3.5 weeks.
About the backdrop:
A double sided board with faux white tiles on one side and faux white bricks on another. These 2 sides only come together, neither Kotor nor Bologna can be paired with any other finishes.
Both finishes have lifelike texture of bricks and tiles with real saw cuts in the plywood basis.

First side: Kotor (bricks)
Second side: Bologna (tiles)

width 6 cm, length varies from 13.5 for the smaller backdrops to 15 cm to the larger backdrops.
9x9 cm for the backdrop sizes 54x54 cm and 54x72 cm; 
10x10 cm for the backdrop sizes 60x90 cm , 72*90 cm, 90x90 cm;
12x12 cm for the backdrop sizes 72x72 cm and 72x120 cm. 
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