Do what you love, love what you do. In Woodville Workshop we create props for professional food photographers and those who do only take up photography or food blogging. In our store you would find various solutions for your best shots. 
We put our hearts and souls into every product we make. Every day we are looking for the new textures, popular colors, perfect combinations. We pay attention to all the little things to ensure the quality of our products. We always work hand in hand with the photographers in order to be in line with the modern trends and to make our products better. Professional designers develop the new textures and create the surfaces for you. Ordering from us, you can be confident that the entire team of highly qualified experts is working with you.




When you unpack the parcel with the background, save the packaging material the backdrop was wrapped in. Use it to store the backdrop within at least a couple of months (you could simply lay it between 2 boards or between a board and a wall). 

Paint and oils used for the backgrounds solidify completely in 2 months after the backdrop is produced. This means you could surely use the boards for your photo shoots but we just not recommend to store the boards holding them tightly to each other until paint fully hardens – this would allow to avoid scratches on the surface or paint chipping off.

This recommendation is especially actual in winter and summer, when it is hot either due to temperature outside or due to heating devices working. In this situation the acrylic finish may melt a bit which will increase the risk of paint chipping.








General rules of taking care of your surface:
1. You can use water during the shoot, but try to minimize it as much as possible since the basis of the each backdrop is wooden, and wood does not take long contact with most liquids well enough. 
2. Try to use utensils when shooting any fatty food or a food which may stain the surface.
3. Do not use the backdrop as the chopping board to avoid scratches and paint damage.
4. Remove the post-shoot dirt immediately after finishing the photo shooting process, do not allow the liquids used to dry out.
5. Wash the backdrops with clean water using NO detergents – usually it is enough to remove dirt. If the stain is still on, use a bit of dish detergent but please do not rub the surface too intensively as this may impact the painting.
6. Textured backdrops can be cleaned with a bristle brush or vacuum cleaner.
7. When wiping the textured surface, avoid using fleecy fabric as fibers may stay on the textured areas and you would need even more time to clean the backdrop.
8. Allow the surface to dry out completely after you wash it, do not place it immediately side by side with the other backdrops since it may cause paint damage.
9. Do not store the boards in direct sunlight, close to the heating devices, on the open balconies or in the spaces where significant temperature change is possible, avoid rooms with high humidity level.






Generally we divide our backdrops into wooden and stone collections.
Wooden backdrop is a single surface which consists of wooden planks glued together. We use solid pine wood to produce them. Depending on the top coating the backdrop could be smooth or have a pronounced wooden texture.

The basis of stone backdrops is a plywood, which is primed with various materials imitating the texture of stone, concrete, marble.

All our backdrops are double sided thus you are welcome to choose 2 different surfaces when ordering the backdrop - you could combine wooden and stone-like surfaces on one backdrop. 

While ordering, you would be also offered to choose the size. We have 7 standard sizes available (contact us for the customized ones):

54x54 cm - 21"x21"
54x72 cm - 21"x28"
72x72 cm - 28"x28"
60x90 cm - 24"x35"
90x90 cm - 35"x35"
72х110 cm - 28"x43"

90х110 cm - 35"x43"
If you haven't found what you were looking for, just send us a message with a detailed description of the desired surface - our designers would make every effort to produce it for you. 




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