Rolled printed plastic backdrops

Here you could preview our new product that we start selling in December 2021 — rolled printed plastic backdrops.


We worked hard for almost a year to get a result we are really proud of. 


What are the key characteristics of our plastic backdrops?


- High-resolution print ensures the backdrop doesn’t look pixelated or blurred even in macro shots; 
- Matte finish resists reflective glare;

- Plastic material is very durable and doesn’t get torn;

- The backdrops are easy to clean - you could simply wash them with water after some especially messy shoots;

- Ultra-smooth, seamless finish ensures the texture of plastic material isn’t visible that makes these backdrops perfect for macro shots and closeups;

- Wrinkle-resistant.


During the Black Friday sale, till Nov, 14 inclusively, we are adding a plastic backdrop as a gift to all the orders above $300.