Trapeze bowl "Piedmont"

Textured chamotte collection Piedmont. Contains tiny clay inclusions, rough to the touch. This ceramics matches perfectly the neutral and warm tones of backdrops and goes well with medium and dark tones. It’s quite challenging to match it with white and black surfaces, and you could get an intriguing result pairing this collection with blue or wine shades.

We recommend to order a set of ceramics from the same collection to be able to create interesting, multi-element compositions. 

For example:
2 plates in size 15-16 cm + 1 plate in size 19-21 cm for 90 degrees photography angle. Don’t forget to add dip bowls and milk jugs, they are so good to crowd the background when shooting with 10-45 degrees, they will also become a beautiful detail of the scene when you shoot overhead. We recommend choosing 2-3 dip bowls and 1 milk jug - as our photography experience shows, one dip bowl is usually not enough in frame.

When moving chamotte dishes over the backdrop, try to avoid sudden movements - tiny clay inclusions that create a beautiful texture of this ceramics may scratch the photography surface. 

Diameter: 14 cm
Volume: 300 ml
Height: 7 cm

The price is per 1 piece

Material:glazed matte ceramic, warm beige tone with some beige and golden inclusions. Lead-free and food-safe.
Texture: grainy. 


Every piece of our ceramics is made by hand with love. Every plate, bowl or cup is unique. You won't find 2 entirely similar items, every piece has its own character. For these plates its typical to have some white inclusions.  

How to care for ceramics: 

Actually, there are no strict rules - our ceramics doesn't require any specific care such as hand wash only, no. Just use it as you use your regular dinnerware - it’s dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe and food-safe so you could use it on a daily basis not only for photography purposes but for food consumption too. Let our plates adorn your life every day!

In stock: 

We have a limited amount of pieces available in stock, the items would be packed and shipped to you within 1-2 business days after the order was placed. The delivery time depends on the destination country (it's just 3 business days for USA, 2 business days for Europe, for other countries please check individually) 

Our commitments:

We commit to deliver you the order safe and sound. If you have received any of the pieces broken or chipped, please contact us within 2 days after package arrival, provide the high-resolution photos of the damaged item(s) and we will return you money or make the replacement. We will for sure accept and investigate the claims raised later than 2 days since the delivery but can't guaranty the positive case resolution.  

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